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Message ID: 722     Entry time: 23 Sep 2010
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Fixed ODB corruption by javascript ODBGet(nonexistant) 
Prior to odb.c rev 4829 and mhttpd.c rev 4830 committed a few minutes ago, HTML javascript 
ODBGet("/non_existant_odb_entry") caused ODB corruption requiring ODB reload from backup file.

It turns out that ODBGet() tries to create ODB entries if they do not already exist, but because ODBGet() was 
called without the "type", "length", etc arguments, the mhttpd "jset" command was issued with "type" set to 
zero. This resulted in a db_create_key() call with "type" set to zero which created an invalid ODB entry. 
odb.c rev 4829 adds a check for "type<=0" (check for "type>=TID_LAST" was already there).

In addition, mhttpd.c rev 4830 adds a "jset" check for type==0.
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