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Message ID: 725     Entry time: 23 Sep 2010
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Another example of a JavaScript midas page 
Please find attached another example of a JavaScript (JS) page using the 
ODBGet/Set functions. 

In contrast to the previous posting, the page is not constructed via the 
document.writeln() function, but written directly in HTML and modified through the 
"innerHTML = ..." functionality. 

It is a control page for our beamline, which gets updated in the background. In 
addition, the user can set the beamline to three predefined settings which are 
stored in an array at the top of the page. As an little extra there is a progress 
bar, which is updated locally via JS since changing the beamline takes a while. 
The progress bar is implemented as a table with variable width, and dynamically 
updated by the JS program. The second attachment is a screen dump from such a 
switching process. Since only values in the ODB are changed, you can try it 
yourself without actually modifying a PSI beam line ;-)
Attachment 1: beamline.html  19 kB
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