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Message ID: 731     Entry time: 12 Nov 2010
Author: Pierre-Andre Amaudruz 
Topic: Release 
Subject: Documentation 
The general Midas documentation has been rejuvenated by Suzannah Daviel through 
a proof reading and with a collection of custom perl scripts to improve the 
Doxygen capabilities for the document itself. In particular, a contents list and 
alphabetical index of the documentation is generated automatically.

The new content is based on the previous version but with more cross-references, 
examples and descriptive images where necessary. Many of the previously 
undocumented features are now included.

The layout and organization is slightly different and requires getting used to, 
but hopefully will be an improvement.
Some of the changes are:
- The main topics are maintained, but we try to regroup all the aspects
  related to a particular topic in the same section.
- The Yellow icons provide navigation within the index section.
- The Blue icons provide navigation within the section content.

The full documentation is included under the midas/doc/src directory in the 
Midas distribution (SVN) and can be generated with the Doxygen tool.
The midasdoc-images.tar.gz from either or needs to be extracted to the midas 
directory under doc/images for complete local web pages generation.

There are a few "ToDo" items which hopefully will be ironed out soon.
Feel free to contact us for pointing out omissions or improvements.

We hope this online documentation will serve as a better tool for your 
understanding of the Midas capabilities.
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