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Entry  16 Feb 2011, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, Notes on MIDAS history 
    Reply  16 Feb 2011, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, Notes on MIDAS history 
Message ID: 749     Entry time: 16 Feb 2011     In reply to: 745
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Notes on MIDAS history 
> 1) PerVariableHistory.
> The default value of 0 is intended to operate the midas history in "traditional" mode. In this mode:
> - there is one history record for each equipment
> - history record id is equal to the equipment id
> - /History/Events and /History/Tags are not required and can be safely deleted

I now commited an example experiment for testing and using non-per-variable history:

I confirm that this example does work as expected after src/history_midas.cxx is updated to latest rev 4979 (today). I guess it also worked just 
fine before breakage in svn rev 4827 last September.

svn rev 4980.

Here is the README file:

Example experiment "history1"

example and test of a simple periodic frontend writing slow controls data into midas history

To run:
use bash shell
assuming MIDAS is installed in $HOME/packages/midas on linux, otherwise edit and Makefile
run make to build feslow.exe
run source ./
when starting this experiment for the very first time, load experiment settings from odb.xml: odbedit -c "load odb.xml"
run ./
mlogger and mhttpd should now be running
connect to the midas status page at http://localhost:8080 (port number is set in
start the example frontend from the "programs" page
observe event number of equipment "slow" is incrementing
go to the "Slow" equipment page (click on "Slow" on the midas status page)
observe numbers are changing when you refresh the web page
from the midas status page, go to "history" -> "slow" - observe history plot for "SLOW[2]" shows a sine wave
from shell, examine contents of history file: "mhdump *.hst"
study feslow.cxx

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