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Entry  30 Mar 2011, Exaos Lee, Forum, How large does "bank32" support? 
    Reply  30 Mar 2011, Stefan Ritt, Forum, How large does "bank32" support? 
    Reply  15 Apr 2011, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, How large does "bank32" support? 
Message ID: 757     Entry time: 15 Apr 2011     In reply to: 754
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: How large does "bank32" support? 
> Reading an FADC buffer often needs large buffer size, especially while several
> FADCs work together. I want to know how large a bank32 can support.

Limitations in order:

- bank32 size is limited to a 32 bit integer size (about 4000 Gbytes)
- bank size is limited by event size
- event size in a midas mfe.c based frontend is limited to the value of
max_event_size set by the user
- maximum event size that can go through the MIDAS event buffer system is limited
to ODB value /Experiment/MAX_EVENT_SIZE (MAX_EVENT_SIZE in midas.h does not do
anything now)
- maximum event size is limited to *half* the size of the SYSTEM shared memory
event buffer (or any other buffers that the event has to go through)
- default size of the SYSTEM buffer is 8 Mbytes set by ODB /Experiment/Buffer
sizes/SYSTEM. This limits maximum event size to about 4 Mbytes.
- size of SYSTEM buffer can be increased to arbitrary size, but in practice no
bigger than the amount of computer physical memory minus space needed for running
the frontend program and the mlogger, which also allocate buffer space to hold 1
event of maximum size.

So for a computer with 8 Gbytes of RAM, you can make the SYSTEM buffer size 4
GBytes, set ODB MAX_EVENT_SIZE to 1 Gbyte, and in theory, you should be able to
write 1 Gbyte events from your frontend to disk.

In practice, I think the biggest events I have seen go through a MIDAS system are
non-compressed waveforms in the T2K/ND280 FGD and TPC detectors, about 4 Mbytes of
data per event.

Other considerations (rules of thumb):

1) the SYSTEM event buffer should be big enough to hold 10-100 events.
2) the SYSTEM event buffer should be big enough to hold about 5-10 seconds of data
- i.e. if your event size is 1 Mbyte and data rate is 1 Hz, 10 seconds of data
will be 1Mbyte*1Hz*10sec = 10 Mbytes.

This is because the SYSTEM buffer decouples the real-time activity of the frontend
program from non-real-time activity of writing data to storage devices.

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