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Entry  24 Jun 2011, Exaos Lee, Suggestion, Build MIDAS debian packages using autoconf/automake.
    Reply  27 Jun 2011, Konstantin Olchanski, Suggestion, Build MIDAS debian packages using autoconf/automake. 
Message ID: 769     Entry time: 27 Jun 2011     In reply to: 768
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: Build MIDAS debian packages using autoconf/automake. 
> I deployed several Debian Linux boxes as the DAQ systems in our lab. But I
feel it's boring to build and install midas and its related softwares (such as
root) on each box.

Our solution at TRIUMF is to install such packages on a shared NFS filesystem
visible to all client computers. This works well for ROOT and but MIDAS we found
it nearly impossible to keep MIDAS versions in sync between different projects
and expiments, so each experiment uses it's own copy of MIDAS, usually located
in the experiment home directory ($HOME/packages/midas). Because we often need
to make local modifications to MIDAS sources (Makefile, etc), we do not
"install" MIDAS into non-user-writable /usr/local & etc.

> I use autoconf/automake

The promise (premise) of autoconf/automake is to "hide" system dependencies. The
scripts are supposed to automatically probe the build environment and construct
an appropriate Makefile.

In practice, the autotool scripts always have bugs and incorrect assumptions
about the build environment and only work well for a few standardized systems
(RHEL and Debian derivatives) where the differences are so trivial that
autotools is an overkill and a normal Makefile is adequate for the job.

In my experience, as soon as I try to build an autotool-ized package on anything
that does not look like RHEL or Debian, autotool scripts explode and have to be
debugged and kludged by hand. Anybody who has ever done that would agree with me
that one would rather hack the ugliest Makefile than any of the  autotool
generated gibberish.

And of course autotools have never handled cross-compilation in any reasonable
way. Since we do cross-compile MIDAS (for VxWorks and embedded Linux, see "make
crosscompile") a Makefile is required and it so happens that the same Makefile
also works for normal Linux and MacOS, thank you very much.

> Here are the installation:
> [*] executalbes -- /usr/lib/daq-midas/bin
> [*] library and objs -- /usr/lib/daq-midas/lib

Is this in violation of the LSB (or LFS)? I though they mandate that files
controlled by package manager should be /usr/bin/odbedit, /usr/lib64/libmidas.a,
etc (/usr/bin/midas/odbedit no permitted).

> gcc `mdaq-config --cflags` -c -o myfe.o myfe.c

Please check if your config scripts correctly handle the "-m32" and "-m64" flags
- we frequently cross-compile 32-bit MIDAS executables on 64-bit machines.

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