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Message ID: 770     Entry time: 27 Jun 2011
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: updated mhttpd history "export" function 
The mhttpd history "export" function has been converted to the new midas history
interface and should now work for SQL-based history systems. In the process,
improvements by Eoin Butler (CERN AD-5/ALPHA) were merged - adding a UNIX
timestamp and a better text timestamp. Also now "export" outputs the actual
values from the history file - the scaling values from the definition of the
history plot panel are no longer applied.

Here is an example of the new file format:

Time, Timestamp, Run, Run State, SLOW
2011.06.21 15:45:21, 1308696321, 13292, 3, -89.1007

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