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Message ID: 774     Entry time: 05 Jul 2011
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: MacOS network socket timeouts non-functional 
It turns out that because of differences between select() syscall implementation between UNIX (MacOS, 
maybe BSD) and Linux,  network socket timeouts do not work.

This affects timeouts during run transitions (transition calls to dead clients do not timeout), maybe other 

I am looking into fixing this. The main difficulty is with UNIX select() not updating the timeout parameter 
when it is interrupted by the MIDAS watchdog alarm signal. Linux select() subtracts the elapsed time from 
the timeout value and this code from system.c works correctly: while (1) { status = select(..., &timeout); if 
(status==0) break; } (value of timeout becomes smaller each time), while on MacOS it loops forever (value 
of timeout does not change).
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