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Message ID: 779     Entry time: 05 Sep 2011
Author: John McMillan 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: khyt1331 under scientific linux 5.5? 
      I'm trying to build khyt1331 under scientific linux 5.5, kernel
2.6.18-238.9.1el5.  Has anyone succeeded with this.  So far, I've
managed to compile by hacking all the references to man9 pages out
of the makefile.  I've then hand installed the kernel driver with 
insmod.  cat /proc/khyt1331 produces 
Hytec 5331 card found at address 0xE800, using interrupt 10
Device not in use
CAMAC crate 0: responding
CAMAC crate 1: not responding
CAMAC crate 2: not responding
CAMAC crate 3: not responding 
and the "addr" LED blinks - so progress of some sort.  
There's no sign of /dev/camac.

Next up I'm going to compile stuff like camactest.c - though the 
makefiles in the drivers folder don't mention these, so I'll have to
work through what is needed by hand.   

At some point I'll have to rewrite a bit so that it all load automatically.

Any hints or tips greatfully received.

John McMillan
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