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Entry  09 Dec 2003, Paul Knowles, , db_close_record non-local/non-return 
    Reply  12 Dec 2003, Stefan Ritt, , db_close_record non-local/non-return 
Message ID: 81     Entry time: 12 Dec 2003     In reply to: 80
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: db_close_record non-local/non-return 
Hi Paul,

sorry my late reply, I had to find some time for debugging your problem. 
Thank you very much for the detailed description of the problem, I wish all 
bug reports would be such elaborate!

You were right that there was a bug in the RPC system. The function 
db_remove_open_record() got a new parameter recently, which was not changed 
in the RPC call, and caused the mserver side to crash on any 
db_close_record() call.

I fixed it and the update is under CVS (
bin/cvsweb/midas/src/). Since you need to update many files, I wonder if I 
should enable anonymous CVS read access. Does anybody know how to set this 
up using "ssh" as the protocol (via CVS_RSH=ssh)?

Please note that db_close_record() is not necessary as 
cm_disconnect_experiment() takes care of this, but having it there does not 
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