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Message ID: 824     Entry time: 10 Aug 2012
Author: Carl Blaksley 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Problem with CAMAC controlled by CES8210 and read out by CAEN V1718 VME controller 
Hello all,

I am trying to put together a system to read out several camac adc. The camac is
read by a ces8210 camac to vme controller. The vme is then interfaced to a
computer through a CAEN v1718 usb control module. As anyone gotten the latter to

Previous users seemed to indicate that they had here:

but I am having problems to get this example frontend to compile. What is set as
the driver in the makefile for example? If I put v1718 there then I recieve
numerous errors from the CAENVMElib files. 

If someone else has gotten the V1718 running, I would be grateful for their

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