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Entry  27 Sep 2012, Randolf Pohl, Bug Fix, [PATCH] mana.c compile fix, gz files diff.mana
    Reply  09 Oct 2012, Stefan Ritt, Bug Fix, [PATCH] mana.c compile fix, gz files 
Message ID: 839     Entry time: 09 Oct 2012     In reply to: 838
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Bug Fix 
Subject: [PATCH] mana.c compile fix, gz files 
> Hi,
> I had to apply the attached patch to convince SuSE Linux 12.2 to compile mana.c
> gcc version is "(SUSE Linux) 4.6.2"
> Problem is that gz{write,close, etc.} expect a 1st argument of type gzFile (see
> zlib.h), whereas out_file is FILE*. In fact, out_file is a cast to FILE*, even
> in the case when we work on a gzfile (HAVE_ZLIB).
> Could you please confirm that the patch is correct, and possibly apply it to trunk?
> I haven't checked if mana works as advertised now.
> Cheers,
> Randolf

I applied your patch to the trunk.

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