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Entry  14 Dec 2012, Vinzenz Bildstein, Suggestion, Midas + Elog with SSL 
    Reply  14 Dec 2012, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, Midas + Elog with SSL 
       Reply  17 Dec 2012, Vinzenz Bildstein, Suggestion, Midas + Elog with SSL 
Message ID: 848     Entry time: 17 Dec 2012     In reply to: 847
Author: Vinzenz Bildstein 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: Midas + Elog with SSL 
> > I've been trying to set up midas to create an automatic elog entry at the end of
> > each run and I've run into a problem. I've setup an elog on our server which
> > uses SSL and it seems that the melog provided by midas to create logbook entries
> > doesn't know any SSL.
> > 
> > My solution to this was to copy the crypt.c from the elog package to the
> > computer running midas and changed melog.c and the makefile to use SSL if a flag
> > -s is used. Does this seem like a sensible solution or did I oversee the obvious
> > and/or right way to do this?
> Indeed melog.c is an old version of the elog.c utility in the elog package, which has not been maintained since a 
> long time. Can't you just use the recent elog.c utility from the elog package?

Well, that's essentially what I did, I just didn't want to install the whole elog package on the midas server. Whether
the utility is called elog or melog doesn't really matter. I just wanted to make sure that this is the right way to do

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