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Message ID: 866     Entry time: 08 Mar 2013
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: ODB /Experiment/MAX_EVENT_SIZE 
Somebody pointed out an error in the MIDAS documentation regarding maximum event size 
supported by MIDAS and the MAX_EVENT_SIZE #define in midas.h.

Since MIDAS svn rev 4801 (August 2010), one can create events with size bigger than 
MAX_EVENT_SIZE in midas.h (without having to recompile MIDAS):

To do so, one must increase:
- the value of ODB /Experiment/MAX_EVENT_SIZE
- the size of the SYSTEM shared memory event buffer (and any buffers used by the event builder, 
- max_event_size & co in your frontend.

Actual limits on the bank size and event size are written up here:

The bottom line is that the maximum event size is limited by the size of the SYSTEM buffer which is 
limited by the physical memory of your computer. No recompilation of MIDAS necessary.

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