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Message ID: 896     Entry time: 26 Jul 2013
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: odbedit fixed size buffer overrun 
odbedit uses a fixed size buffer for ODB data. If an array in ODB is bugger than this size, 
db_get_data() correctly returns DB_TRUNCATED and there is no memory overwrite, but the following 
code for printing the data does not know about this truncation and proceeds printing memory 
values contained after the end of the fixed size data buffer - in the current case, this memory 
somehow had the contents of the shell history - this very confused the MIDAS users as they though 
that the funny printout was actually in ODB. This is in the print_key() function. If db_get_data() 
returns DB_TRUNCATED, it should allocate a buffer of bigger size. This (and the previous) bug found 
by the TIGRESS experiment. K.O.
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