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Message ID: 920     Entry time: 22 Oct 2013
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: audit of db_get_record() 
Record-oriented ODB functions db_create_record(), db_get_record(), db_check_record() and 
db_set_record() require special attention to the consistency between their "C struct"s (usually defined in 
midas.h), their initialization strings (usually defined in midas.h) and the contents of ODB.

When these 3 items become inconsistent, the corresponding midas functions tend to break.

Unlike ODB internal structures and event buffer internal structures, these record-oriented functions are 
not part of the midas binary-compatibility abi and they are not protected by db_validate_sizes().

From time to time, new items are added to some of these data structures. Usually this does not cause 
problems, but recently we had some difficulty with the runinfo and equipment structures, prompting this 

db_check_record: note: (C) means that this record is created there

alarm.c: alarm_odb_str(C)
mana.c: skipped
mfe.c: equipment_common_str, equipment_statistics_str(C), event_descrip(C), bank_list(C)
mhttpd.cxx: cgif_label_str(C), cgif_bar_str(C), runinfo_str(C), equipment_common_str(C)
mlogger.cxx: ch_settings_str(C)
sequencer.cxx: sequencer_str(C)


alarm.c: alarm_odb_str, alarm_periodic_str, alarm_class_str
fal.c: skipped
mfe.c: equipment_common_str
midas.c: program_info_str (maybe)
odb.c: (maybe)
lazylogger.cxx: lazy_settings, lazy_statistics
mhttpd.cxx: runinfo_str
mlogger.cxx: chn_settings_str

db_get_record: (hard to do with grep, will have to check every db_get_record by hand)

alarm.c: alarm, class, program_info
fal.c: skipped
mana.c: skipped
midas.c: program_info
odb.c: (maybe)
lazylogger.cxx: lazyst
mhttpd.cxx: runinfo, equipment, ?hkeytemp?, chn_settings, chn_stats, ?label?, ?bar?
mlogger.cxx: ?, ?, chn_stats, chn, settings
sequencer.cxx: hkeyseq


alarm.c: hkeyalarm, hkeyclass, ???, program_info
fal.c: skipped
mana.c: skipped
mfe.c: equipment_info, ?event structure?
odb.c: (maybe)
lazelogger.cxx: lazyst
mlogger.cxx: chn_stat
sequencer.cxx: seq

db_open_record: note: (W) means MODE_WRITE

fal.c: skipped
mana.c: skipped
mfe.c: equipment_info, equipment_stats(W)
midas.c: requested_transition
odbedit.c: key_update - generic test of hotlink
lazylogger.cxx: runstate, lazyst(W), lazy?
mlogger.cxx: history, chn_statistics, chn_settings
sequencer.cxx: seq

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