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Entry  22 Oct 2013, Konstantin Olchanski, Info, midas programs "auto start", etc 
    Reply  06 Nov 2013, Stefan Ritt, Info, midas programs "auto start", etc 
Message ID: 926     Entry time: 06 Nov 2013     In reply to: 919
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: midas programs "auto start", etc 
> "programs auto start" : works but has strange interactions and side effects, do not use it.
> "programs auto stop" : works, can be used to stop programs at the end of run (but what for?)
> "programs auto restart" : works, seems to work correctly, can be used to auto restart mlogger, frontends, 

auto start and auto stop have been requested by PAA loooong time ago. Maybe he remembers if/where this has been used at all. I never used it. So if 
this is the case for others, we can easily change it and won't break anything. Like auto start can be executed before the run transition happens, check 
for a previous version of the program, and only continue when the program is actually running. Should be only a few lines of code. Auto restart is used 
successfully here at PSI, for example for the lazy logger.

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