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Message ID: 949     Entry time: 16 Jan 2014
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: MIDAS and "international characters", UTF-8 and Unicode. 
I made some tests of MIDAS support for "international characters" and we seem to be in a reasonable 

The standard standard is UTF-8 encoding of Unicode and the MIDAS core is believed to be UTF-8 clean - 
one can use "international characters" in ODB names, in ODB values, in filenames, etc.

The web interface had some problems with percent-encoding of ODB URLs, but as of current git version, 
everything seems to work okey, as long as the web browser is in the UTF-8 encoding mode. The default 
mode is "Western ISO-8859-1" and javascript encodeURIComponent() is mangling some stuff making the 
ODB editor not work. Switching to UTF-8 mode seems to fix that.

Perhaps we should make the UTF-8 encoding the default for mhttpd-generated web pages. This should be 
okey for TRIUMF - we use English language almost exclusively, but need to check with other labs before 
making such a change. I especially worry about PSI because I am not sure if and how they any of the special 
German-language characters.

On the minus side, odbedit does not seem to accept non-English characters at all. Maybe it is easy to fix.

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