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Entry  15 Jan 2014, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, MIDAS Web password broken 
    Reply  05 Feb 2014, Stefan Ritt, Bug Report, MIDAS Web password broken 
Message ID: 953     Entry time: 05 Feb 2014     In reply to: 946
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: MIDAS Web password broken 
> The MIDAS Web password function is broken - with the web password enabled, I am not prompted for a 
> password when editing ODB. The password still partially works - I am prompted for the web password 
> when starting a run. K.O.
> P.S. says "web password" needed for "write access", 
> but does not specify if this includes editing odb. (I would think so, and I think I remember that it used to).

Didn't we agree to put those issues into the bitbucket issue tracker?

This functionality got broken when implementing the new inline edit functionality. Actually one has to "manually" check for the password. The old way 
was that there web page asking for the web password, but if we do ODBSet via Ajax there is nobody who could fill out that form. So I added a 
"manual" checking into ODBCheckWebPassword(). This will not work for custom pages, but they have their own way to define passwords.

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