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Message ID: 966     Entry time: 21 Feb 2014
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Javascript ODBMLs(), modified ODBMCopy() JSON encoding 
I made a few minor modifications to the ODB JSON encoder and implemented a javascript "ls" function to 
report full ODB directory information as available from odbedit "ls -l" and the mhttpd odb editor page.

Using the new ODBMLs(), the existing ODBMCreate(), ODBMDelete() & etc a complete ODB editor can be 
written in Javascript (or in any other AJAX-capable language).

While implementing this function, I found some problems in the ODB JSON encoder when handling 
symlinks, also some problems with handling symlinks in odbedit and in the mhttpd ODB editor - these are 
now fixed.

Changes to the ODB JSON encoder:
- added the missing information to the ODB KEY (access_mode, notify_count)
- added symlink target information ("link")
- changed encoding of simple variable (i.e. jcopy of /experiment/name) - when possible (i.e. ODB KEY 
information is omitted), they are encoded as bare values (before, they were always encoded as structures 
with variable names, etc). This change makes it possible to implement ODBGet() and ODBMGet() using the 
AJAX jcopy method with JSON data encoding. Bare value encoding in ODBMCopy()/AJAX jcopy is enabled by 
using the "json-nokeys-nolastwritten" encoding option.

All these changes are supposed to be backward compatible (encoding used by ODBMCopy() for simple 
values and "-nokeys-nolastwritten" was previously not documented).

Documentation was updated:

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