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Message ID: 968     Entry time: 23 Feb 2014
Author: William Page 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: db_check_record() for verifying structure of ODB subtree 

I have been trying to use db_check_record() in order to verify that a subtree in the ODB has the correct 
variables, variable order, and overall size. I'm going off the documentation 
( and use a string to compare against the ODB 
structure.  Since the string format is not specified for db_check_record(), I'm formatting my string 
according to the db_create_record() example.

Instead of db_check_record() checking the entire ODB subtree against all the variables represented in the 
string, I'm finding that only the first variable is checked.  The later variables in the string can be 
misspelled, out of order, or inexistent, and db_check_record() will still return 1.

Am I using db_check_record incorrectly?  

Thank you for any help with this issue.

I also believe that some of the documentation for db_check_record is outdated.  For example, init_string 
is referenced in the documentation but isn't part of the function definition.
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