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Entry  27 Feb 2014, Andreas Suter, Suggestion, runlog is "ugly" runlog-default.pngmhttp_css_1.pngmhttp_css_2.pngrunlog-proposal.png
    Reply  27 Feb 2014, Konstantin Olchanski, Suggestion, runlog is "ugly" 
       Reply  28 Feb 2014, Andreas Suter, Suggestion, runlog is "ugly" mhttpd.cxx.diffmhttpd.css.diff
          Reply  28 Feb 2014, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, runlog is "ugly" 
             Reply  07 Mar 2014, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, runlog is "ugly" 
Message ID: 973     Entry time: 28 Feb 2014     In reply to: 970     Reply to this: 974
Author: Andreas Suter 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: runlog is "ugly" 
Understand me right, I mostly like the new style, except the runlog as reported.
Attached you will find the diff's you were asking for. But as pointed out, I
haven't worked so far on CSS and hence this should be checked!!

I understand that the mhttpd.js needs to be the default one, however, mhttpd.css
might be left to the end-user to adopt to their specific needs. I shortly
checked in the mhttpd demon. It checks for the resources path in the ODB. If it
also would check for a CSS name, mhttpd.css could be changed/adopted by the
end-users without breaking things (at least it would then be their one business).

> > If I am not mistaken, the mhttpd.css is hard coded (path/name) into the mhttpd.
> mhttpd.css is served from $MIDASSYS/resources/mhttpd.css. The actual path is
reported on the mhttpd 
> "help" page.
> (I think the internal mhttpd.css and mhttpd.js should be removed as no longer
useful - nothing will work 
> right if the real mhttpd.js and mhttpd.css cannot be served).
> > Especially the look and feel of the runlog is unsatisfactorily from my point
of view.
> persons in charge of implementing the CSS stuff failed to convert quite a few
pages, for example, the elog 
> and the history editor pages were left completely broken. (mostly fixed now).
> so thank you for reporting the runlog breakage, I hope Stefan & co can fix it
quickly. (I cannot do - I have 
> have no runlog pages on any of my test experiments).
> > the old style was much more readable.
> I think the new style is not too bad, except for a few visual artefacts here
and there, the general comment 
> that CSS is too complicated and hard to debug and the fact that over-subtle
colouring yields inconsistent 
> visuals between different monitors and ambient lighting conditions. (persons
who select the colours always 
> respond that "but to me, it looks just fine on my laptop", making it hard to
resolve any issues).
> > I could recover the old style look and feel by slightly changing the mhttpd.cxx
> If you post the patches that fix it for you, I can commit them to midas. (git
diff | mail
> K.O.
Attachment 1: mhttpd.cxx.diff  447 Bytes  | Hide | Hide all
diff --git a/src/mhttpd.cxx b/src/mhttpd.cxx
index 7437897..3940b96 100755
--- a/src/mhttpd.cxx
+++ b/src/mhttpd.cxx
@@ -3445,7 +3445,7 @@ void show_rawfile(const char *path)
    //main table:
-   rsprintf("<table class=\"dialogTable\">");
+   rsprintf("<table class=\"runlogTable\">");
    /*---- menu buttons ----*/
    rsprintf("<tr><td colspan=2>\n");
    rsprintf("<input type=submit name=cmd value=\"ELog\">\n");
Attachment 2: mhttpd.css.diff  872 Bytes  | Hide | Hide all
diff --git a/resources/mhttpd.css b/resources/mhttpd.css
index 71c73a4..066cfe6 100644
--- a/resources/mhttpd.css
+++ b/resources/mhttpd.css
@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ div.wrapper{
     margin: 0 auto -3em;
-.historyConfigTable, .dialogTable, .messageBox, .genericTable, .sequencerTable{
+.historyConfigTable, .runlogTable, .dialogTable, .messageBox, .genericTable, .sequencerTable{
 	border-radius: 12px;
 	border: 2px solid #00B26B;
 	background-color: #EEEEEE;
@@ -304,6 +304,22 @@ table.sequencerTable td table{
 	margin: 0px;
+table.genericTable tr:nth-child(even){
+	background: #EEEEEE;
+table.genericTable tr:nth-child(odd){
+	background: #FAFAFA;
+table.runlogTable td{
+        border:none;
+        text-align: left;
+        font-family: monospace;
+table.runlogTable pre{
+        line-height: 125%;
 table.dialogTable td{
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