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Entry  11 Mar 2014, Andreas Suter, Forum, mlogger problem 
    Reply  11 Mar 2014, Stefan Ritt, Forum, mlogger problem 
       Reply  11 Mar 2014, Andreas Suter, Forum, mlogger problem 
    Reply  14 Mar 2014, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, mlogger problem 
Message ID: 979     Entry time: 11 Mar 2014     In reply to: 978     Reply to this: 980
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: mlogger problem 

Andreas Suter wrote:
I stumbled over a problem which I cannot pin point and would appreciate suggestions.

I set up an experiment, and all of a sudden I noticed the following behaviour.

I can start any number of frontends without any problems as long as mlogger is NOT running.
I can also start mlogger without any problems. However, as soon as I started the mlogger, I cannot start anything else any more (including odbedit). I get the following assertion:
16:07:06 [Logger,INFO] Program Logger on host lem00 started
[nemu@lem00 2014]$ odbedit -e nemu
odbedit: src/odb.c:753: db_update_open_record: Assertion `xkey->notify_count == pkey->notify_count' failed.
This is even happening if I stop all frontends, start only the mlogger and afterwards try to start odbedit.

I tried to see if this is a generic feature on a test experiment, but there I cannot reproduce it. It seems that there is either something wrong with the ODB, something wrong with hotlinks, ..., I don't know.

I would appreciated suggestions how pin point the issue.

K.O. put that in:

He should have a look at it.

Have you tried to rebuild your ODB from scratch? (Save in XML, then delete .ODB.SHM, then load again form XML)?

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