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Entry  17 Mar 2014, Zhi Li, Forum, [need help] simple example frontend for CAEN VX1721  
    Reply  17 Mar 2014, Pierre-Andre Amaudruz, Forum, [need help] simple example frontend for CAEN VX1721  
       Reply  17 Mar 2014, Zhi Li, Forum, [need help] simple example frontend for CAEN VX1721  
Message ID: 989     Entry time: 17 Mar 2014     In reply to: 987
Author: Zhi Li 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: [need help] simple example frontend for CAEN VX1721  
Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your instructions. Before I run the wavedump software, I need to load a driver file for A2818, thus I think I've got this interface of A2818.

I would be grateful to have a look at the frontend example used for v1720 (closer to v1721 I suppose), would you be so kind to offer me the Makefile as well? I
really want to have a compilable/executable DAQ frontend for vme modules, and know better how to link to CAEN library in the Makefile.

About hardware currently used in the vme crate(A2818), there is a VME controller(V2718, CONET VME Bridge), and a FADC(VX1721 waveform digitizer). I'm now preparing
this DAQ system to compare relative quantum efficiency, timing resolution, 1 pe distribution of photomultipliers, also measure decay time of cosmic muons, and
electron spectrum. Humbly, I want to know your opinion on whether I need additional hardware to finish these experiments.


> Hi Li,
> You mention that you've got the wavedump working. It suggests that you have a A3818 
> interface, can you confirm that?
> If so, you can make a Midas frontend using the CAEN libraries to access your VX1721. I can provide you with a frontend example used for the V1720 or V1740. The 
> modifications for the VX1721 shouldn't be too hard as most of the CAEN digitizers 
> are fortunately based on a similar configuration mechanism.
> If you have a Midas CAMAC frontend, the trick would be to replace the CAMAC calls by 
> the appropriate CAENComm_xxx() for the equivalent functionality.
> Can you remind me what hardware do you have in your lab for acquisition?
> CAMAC controller, VME controller etc.
> Cheers, PAA
> > Dear guys,
> > 
> > Iím Zhi Li from China, and Iím now working on my graduation project, which now
> > basically gets stuck in the part of preparing the frontend for my FADC (CAEN
> > VX1721) using Midas.
> > 
> > Now the current set-up includes a VME crate, a CAEN v2718 (Optical Bridge and
> > Controller) and a CAEN VX1721(8ch 8bit 500MS/s Waveform digitizer). The hardware
> > set-up has been finished and I could capture the analog waveform using CAEN
> > software(wavedump). 
> > 
> > Could anyone please tell me what are the basic things to do for using MIDAS?
> > Iíve installed MIDAS in PC and it works well for CAMAC, but do I need any extra
> > hardware module on using VME crate? Also, how to download
> > Universe-II VME driver?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Li
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