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Message ID: 994     Entry time: 28 Apr 2014
Author: Tom Stuttard 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Words written as zero in Midas bank 

I am having some trouble with the data in my Midas bank. I am filling a midas
bank in my frontend (one of several in my system), and this bank is then being
added to the overall event by the event builder.

I check the data as it enters the bank, and also check again after I close the
bank in my frontend (using pdata's original value), and in both cases my data is
as I expect.

However, when I view the data in the .mid file (using mdump), there is a
problem. The correct number of words are there, and the values are correct up
until the 148th word. However, all subsequent words are 0.

I have also noticed that if I change my word size from 32bit (DWORD) to 16bit
(WORD), I observe the same behaviour except that now the first 296 words are
correct and all others are zero.

Note that other frontends in the system are not suffering this issue.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this problem?
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