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Entry  19 May 2014, Razvan Stefan Gornea, Forum, Weird problem on new installation 
    Reply  22 May 2014, Razvan Stefan Gornea, Forum, Weird problem on new installation 
       Reply  27 May 2014, Razvan Stefan Gornea, Forum, Weird problem on new installation 
          Reply  06 Nov 2014, Stefan Ritt, Forum, Weird problem on new installation 
Message ID: 996     Entry time: 22 May 2014     In reply to: 995     Reply to this: 1001
Author: Razvan Stefan Gornea 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Weird problem on new installation 

I reduced the parameter space a little bit and I think the problem is somewhere in the framework. What I did is first to make a short program which accesses the ODB and I was able to access the Settings record. Everything seems to work fine, if parts or all of the record is missing then it is created automatically, etc.

Then I reduced my frontend to essentially a few lines in the frontend_init() which are identical to what I did in the small test program. Still when running the frontend it doesn't work and db_create_record() returns the error DB_OPEN_RECORD. I have tried something crazy, i.e. to disconnect the experiment and then reconnect in the frontend_init() and I was able to write the Settings record in the ODB! I have checked in mfe.c and odb.c and I think when my frontend_init() gets called, the record is already open!

Does anybody skilled with Midas know what I can do to solve or investigate this problem further?

This is the small program that can successfully access the ODB and create the Settings record.

// test program
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "midas.h"
#include "v1740_daq_settings.h"


int main(void)
  int status;
  char temp_name[NAME_LENGTH];
  status = cm_connect_experiment("", "", "test", NULL);
  if (status != CM_SUCCESS) {
    printf("Oups could not connect to the experiment\n");
    return 1;
  cm_get_experiment_database(&hDB, NULL);
  status = db_create_record(hDB, 0, OWNER_EQUIPMENT, v1740_conf_str);
  if (status != DB_SUCCESS) {
    printf("Oups failed to create DB record!\nCall to db_create_record() has returned %d", status);
    return 2;
  cm_get_experiment_name(temp_name, NAME_LENGTH-1);
  cm_msg(MINFO, "test", "experiment name is <|%s|>", temp_name);
  printf("The test is successful!\nNo errors occurred!\n");
  return 0;

This is the frontend_init() part (there is nothing left in the frontend anyway). This is exactly the same code like the previous one, but it won't work! So I concluded that the problem is already present when frontend_init() gets call in mfe.c

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "midas.h"
#include "v1740_daq_settings.h"

/* make frontend functions callable from the C framework */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/*-- Globals -------------------------------------------------------*/

/* The frontend name (client name) as seen by other MIDAS clients   */
char *frontend_name = "Charge Frontend";
/* The frontend file name, don't change it */
char *frontend_file_name = __FILE__;

/* frontend_loop is called periodically if this variable is TRUE    */
BOOL frontend_call_loop = FALSE;

/* a frontend status page is displayed with this frequency in ms */
INT display_period = 2100;

/* maximum event size produced by this frontend */
INT max_event_size = 2304 * 1024 + 128;

/* maximum event size for fragmented events (EQ_FRAGMENTED) */
INT max_event_size_frag = 5 * 1024 * 1024;

/* buffer size to hold events */
INT event_buffer_size = 64 * (2304 * 1024 + 128);

V1740_DAQ_CONF_STR(v1740_conf_str); // string representation for the database record for the configuration of the v1740 DAQ board 
HNDLE hDB = 0; // handle on database
HNDLE hConf = 0; // handle for the configuration section

/*-- Function declarations -----------------------------------------*/

INT frontend_init();
// ... etc ...

/*-- Equipment list ------------------------------------------------*/

#undef USE_INT

EQUIPMENT equipment[] = {
  {"CAEN_V1740",                // equipment name
    {1, 0,                      // event ID, trigger mask
    "SYSTEM",                   // event buffer
    EQ_POLLED | EQ_MANUAL_TRIG, // equipment type
    LAM_SOURCE(0, 0xFFFFFF),    // event source crate 0, all stations
    "MIDAS",                    // data format
    TRUE,                       // equipment enabled
    RO_RUNNING,                 // read only when running and update ODB
    500,                        // poll for 500 ms
    0,                          // stop run after this event limit
    0,                          // number of sub events
    0,                          // don't log history
    "", "", "",
    read_CAEN_V1740_event,         // readout routine


#ifdef __cplusplus

INT frontend_init()
  INT rstat = SUCCESS; // temp variable for Midas func. return codes
  char temp_name[NAME_LENGTH];
//   cm_disconnect_experiment();
//   cm_msg(MINFO, frontend_name, " *** DISCONNECTED FROM THE EXPERIMENT *** ");
//   rstat = cm_connect_experiment("", "", frontend_name, NULL);
//   if (rstat != CM_SUCCESS) {
//     cm_msg(MERROR, frontend_name, "Oups could not connect to the experiment");
//     return rstat;
//   }
//   cm_msg(MINFO, frontend_name, " *** CONNECTED AGAIN TO THE EXPERIMENT *** ");
  // get handle on database
  cm_get_experiment_database(&hDB, NULL);
  // create or check for configuration data structure
  rstat = db_create_record(hDB, 0, OWNER_EQUIPMENT, v1740_conf_str);
  if (rstat != DB_SUCCESS) {
    cm_msg(MERROR, frontend_name, "could not create record for the V1740 DAQ configuration");
    cm_msg(MERROR, frontend_name, "call to db_create_record returned %d", rstat);
    cm_get_experiment_name(temp_name, NAME_LENGTH-1);
    cm_msg(MERROR, frontend_name, "experiment name is <|%s|>", temp_name);
    return rstat;
  cm_msg(MINFO, frontend_name, " *** SUCCESSFULLY CREATED THE RECORD IN ODB *** ");

  return 11;
//  return SUCCESS;
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