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Entry  26 May 2014, Dan Melconian, Suggestion, "Edit-on-end" would be nice 
    Reply  26 May 2014, Stefan Ritt, Suggestion, "Edit-on-end" would be nice 
Message ID: 999     Entry time: 26 May 2014     Reply to this: 1000
Author: Dan Melconian 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: "Edit-on-end" would be nice 
We use the "Edit-on-start" and it's great.  But sometimes, something breaks
during the run, or you didn't realize you forgot to plug in a cable, or
whatever.  It'd be nice to have an "Edit-on-end" where you could prompt the user
to answer simple questions (like "Was this a good run?  [y/n]" or "Was the data
polarized?  [y/n]") and/or add a quick summary of what happened that run.

Thanks in advance,

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