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  2381   04 Apr 2022 Konstantin OlchanskiSuggestionMaximum ODB size
> Anybody some idea what the maximum ODB size can be?

It turns out ODB size limit is hardwired on db_open_database() at 100 Mbytes.

I now committed an improved error message for this.

I confirm that "odbinit -s 100MB" works and creates ODB with 50 Mbyte data area and 50 
Mbyte key area.

> in the age of 64GB RAM being a standard, we should be able to grow bigger ...

I agree, I think we can safely bump the limit from 100 Mbytes to 1 Gbyte, maybe 1.5 or 
1.99 Gbytes. Above that we run into 32-bit/31-bit cleanliness problems.

And creating extra large 1 GB ODB but using only a few megabytes will not waste any 
RAM, because the .ODB.SHM file is demand-paged and non-used parts of ODB will not be 
mapped into RAM. (It will waste disk space, file .ODB.SHM will be 1 GByte size).

However, 1 GByte (FPGA based) and 4-8 GByte (Raspberry Pi & co) machines are again
becoming popular and relevant for running MIDAS, and they have very slow "disk" 
subsystems, with NAND, SD and USB flash, so we should not go crazy here.

> odbinit -s 1024MB --cleanup

there is a bug in odbinit, if initial odbinit fails, ODB with default size is creates, 
and original rejected ODB size is written to .ODB_SIZE.TXT (an inconsistency).

bitbucket bug 328

> [ how do I resize ODB ??? ]

we need odbresize. bitbucket bug 329.

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