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  2578   09 Aug 2023 Konstantin OlchanskiSuggestionMaximum ODB size> > RFE filed:
> >
  2597   12 Sep 2023 Maia Henriksson-WardSuggestionSyntax highlighting for sequencer scriptsRecently I was trying to read sequencer scripts
written by a previous student, and realized
it would be easier to 
  2598   12 Sep 2023 Stefan RittSuggestionSyntax highlighting for sequencer scriptsI like the idea of syntax highlighting, but
your solution is just for one editor which
not everybody
  2608   24 Sep 2023 Frederik WautersSuggestionscroll when browsing for a linkAnother small user experience request:

When making a link in the odb (web interface)
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