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  2443   24 Oct 2022 Stefan RittSuggestionread_only odbxx?> I really like the concept of the odbxx interface.
> I think it would be a nice feature if one
could have a read_only connection, e.g. by
  2444   26 Oct 2022 Lars MartinSuggestionread_only odbxx?> Having a "const midas::odb" probably does
not work (at least I would not know how to
implement that).
  2445   29 Oct 2022 Stefan RittSuggestionread_only odbxx?Ok, I implemented and committed that. Just
  2446   05 Nov 2022 Zaher SalmanSuggestionhistories capture 'ruy'The histories capture key events from 'r'
'u' 'y' and 'Escape' for various functions
like rescaling etc. However, this also means
  2447   11 Nov 2022 Frederik WautersBug FixO_CREAT in open in split.cxxmidas currently does not compile on linux

  2448   12 Nov 2022 Stefan RittBug FixO_CREAT in open in split.cxx> midas currently does not compile on linux

> /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/fcntl2.h:50:24:
  2449   17 Nov 2022 Konstantin OlchanskiBug FixO_CREAT in open in split.cxx> > midas currently does not compile on linux
> > fix is to give open in midas/examples/lowlevel/split.cxx
a default mode, e.g. 006600
  2450   17 Nov 2022 Konstantin OlchanskiBug Fix"Detected duplicate or non-monotonous data" in history files> > serious (but rare) bug was fixed in the
history reader.
> previous fix was incomplete. please update
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