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Entry  23 Oct 2015, Joe Grange, Forum, Running ROME in online mode Screen_Shot_2015-10-23_at_11.56.12_AM.png
    Reply  29 Oct 2015, Ryu Sawada, Forum, Running ROME in online mode 
       Reply  05 Nov 2015, Joe Grange, Forum, Running ROME in online mode 
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             Reply  16 Nov 2015, Joe Grange, Forum, Running ROME in online mode 
Message ID: 173     Entry time: 16 Nov 2015     In reply to: 172
Author: Joe Grange 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Running ROME in online mode 
Dear Ryu,

Thanks very much, indeed it was user error and I did not set -midas option at the compilation stage.


Ryu Sawada wrote:
Dear Joe,

Did you run ROMEBuilder for your application with -midas option ?
With this option, MIDAS library is linked to the application for communicating with MIDAS experiments.

Actual connection is done with using a function implemented in the MIDAS library.
This is the code where a ROME application connects to MIDAS.
(You can see this in $ROMESYS/src/ROMEMidasDAQ.cpp)
cm_connect_experiment is implemented in $MIDASSYS/src/midas.c
Bool_t ROMEMidasDAQ::ConnectExperiment(ROMEMidasDAQ *localThis)
   // Connect to the experiment
#if defined( HAVE_MIDAS )
   if (cm_connect_experiment(const_cast<char*>(gROME->GetOnlineHost()),
                             const_cast<char*>(gROME->GetOnlineAnalyzerName()), 0) != SUCCESS) {
      ROMEPrint::Error("\nCan not connect to experiment\n");
      return kFALSE;

Can you check if this function is called by adding
before the 'if' line and compile your application ?
If you didn't use -midas option when you run ROMEBuilder, HAVE_MIDAS will not be defined and cm_connect_experiment will not be called.

When nothing is written in <online> section of XML, I think the application tries to connect to the localhost with the experiment name defined in /etc/exptab.

I didn't mean anything specific about odbedit.
I guess if you can connect the MIDAS system with odbedit, then the system is ready to accept analyzer too.
But you could ask also MIDAS experts about this issue.


> Dear Ryu,
> Thanks for your response. Unfortunately setting these parameters in the XML file does not change the apparent
> behavior and I still cannot connect to the experiment in online mode. I also notice that other colleagues
> working with independent experiments successfully run ROME in the online mode without setting the parameters
> in the <online> section of the XML file.
> Can you tell me how I can verify the system is ready to accept the connection with the odbedit command? I can
> verify all basic information such as experiment name, run number, are as expected but I wonder if you mean
> something more specific.
> Thank you,
> Joe
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