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Entry  10 Dec 2015, SUDESHNA GANGULY, Suggestion, writing data to mySQL via ROME 
    Reply  11 Dec 2015, Ryu Sawada, Suggestion, writing data to mySQL via ROME 
Message ID: 176     Entry time: 10 Dec 2015     Reply to this: 177
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: writing data to mySQL via ROME 
I need some suggestions on how to write some data to a mySQL database via ROME.

I am calculating a quantity CTag and making a TGraph of CTag/event in ROME. Now
if I want to write it to a mySQL what shall I do?

From the manual I found that we can read from a database DAQ (SQL) system. That
it reads the main input data from a database. And I looked into the example 

But is there any way I can write the calculated CTags and Event Numbers to a SQL

Thanks for any suggestion!
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