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Entry  18 Feb 2016, Joe Grange, Forum, Online mode issue 
    Reply  02 Mar 2016, Ryu Sawada, Forum, Online mode issue 
Message ID: 180     Entry time: 18 Feb 2016     Reply to this: 183
Author: Joe Grange 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Online mode issue 
Hello all,

I'm having an issue with getting rome to run in online mode in some cases only.
 That is, when I run the analyzer that accesses the INPT bank (standard for PSI
slow control buses) the online mode works just fine.  But when I access other
banks, when I run in online mode only blank canvases are updated and no data

I can run all of these analyzers in offline mode and they all work as expected
so this eliminates many common user bugs.  Any ideas how I might debug further?
 I also tried printing the data in the various tasks and indeed in online mode
no data is being accessed.

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