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Entry  10 Mar 2016, Farrukh Azfar, Forum, Option to analyse every Nth event 
    Reply  13 Mar 2016, Ryu Sawada, Forum, Option to analyse every Nth event 
Message ID: 187     Entry time: 13 Mar 2016     In reply to: 185
Author: Ryu Sawada 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Option to analyse every Nth event 
I added a new parameter <EventStep> to configuration XML file.
The default is 1.
If you change it to, for example 2, every second events are analyzed.

For using it, you need to
- update ROME
- compile ROME
- re-build and make your project

Once you use an existing config XML file, a new parameter will be automatically added to it.


> Dear Colleagues
> I was wondering if there was an option to analyse only ever N events in ROME. If 
> this is doable via an xml switch I am guessing this would be the best and most 
> convenient solution.
> Else any advice on how to do this in code would be great as well -
> many thanks
> Farrukh
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