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Entry  05 Apr 2016, SUDESHNA GANGULY, Bug Report, Running ROME remotely 
    Reply  08 Apr 2016, Ryu Sawada, Bug Report, Running ROME remotely 
Message ID: 195     Entry time: 05 Apr 2016     Reply to this: 196
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: Running ROME remotely 
Hi Ryu,

After following your instructions to run ROME remotely, using run mode 3 on the
client machine, and mode 0 on the server machine, we can see ARGUS display
appearing on the client machine.
But that does not work if we have the <ARGUS> block for tabbing in the user xml
file. I see a bunch of error messages and then ROME crashes on the client machine.
There might be some conflict with using ARGUS and using run mode 3?

If I take off the <ARGUS> tab block and write my own src/tabs/tab codes, then on
my client machine, using run mode 3 works, the display appears with histograms
without a crash.

Any thought on this issue will be much appreciated.

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