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Message ID: 21     Entry time: 22 May 2020
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: rootana-2020-03 
I cut a release branch and tag for rootana-2020-03. This release is meant to be used with 
midas release 2020-03.

More recent versions of midas have several incompatibilities with ROOTANA, and I will
be working on resolving them:

- new incompatible data bank format in midas .mid files. (to fix the 64-bit misalignment bug)
- renaming of MIDAS TID_xxx types
- renaming of MIDAS data types in XML ODB dump files.

When we tag the next midas release, we will tag the compatible ROOTANA release and going 
forward hope to have MIDAS and ROOTANA releases done in lock-step.

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