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Message ID: 22     Entry time: 22 May 2020
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: rootana updates 
I am updating the rootana code to include all the latest developments in midas and 

- mxml, mjson (and soon mvodb, midasio and manalyzer) are moving into git submodules 
(shared with midas and usable as standalone code)
- VirtualOdb is gone, use MVOdb instead
- TMidasFile is gone, use TMReader and TMWriter in midasio.h
- TMidasEvent remains, I will update it with Stefan's to the midas bank format.
- TMEvent in midasio.h will also be updated for this
- TMEvent has incomplete implementation for creating new events and adding data banks, I 
hope to fix this. This should make midasio classes useful for writing MIDAS frontends.
- I am still thinking about what to do with roody and the XmlServer, MidasServer and 
NetDirectory code. Most likely remove it all and concentrate in supporting JSROOT and the 
associated ROOT-built-in web server. Maybe update roody to use the JSROOT interface to 
get data from the analyzer.

If you do not want to see all these changes, please use the rootana-2020-03 release 

After all changes are implemented and tested, I will cut a release branch and post an 

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