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Entry  07 Dec 2020, Isaac Labrie Boulay, Forum, The FIXED format. 
    Reply  16 Dec 2020, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, The FIXED format. 
       Reply  16 Dec 2020, Isaac Labrie Boulay, Forum, The FIXED format. 
Message ID: 30     Entry time: 16 Dec 2020     In reply to: 28
Author: Isaac Labrie Boulay 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: The FIXED format. 
> > I am thinking of using the FIXED format event to avoid the overhead of the bank 
> > structure. The Wiki says under "FIXED Format Event" that the standard MIDAS 
> > analyzer cannot work with this format. What exactly is meant by this? Is it saying 
> > that the specific ROOTANA analyzer template will not work with the event format? 
> I am not sure if current code can deal with anything other than MIDAS data that uses 
> the bank format. (even bk_init32a() support is incomplete in ROOTANA!).
> I am curious why you have a problem with the bank format.
> For bank overhead, there are several solutions:
> a) if you have 1000 banks, 1 data word in each bank, you can create 1 MIDAS bank, store 
> your data inside using your own optimized data format. (MIDAS overhead reduces from 
> 4000 words to 4 words, overhead from your custom data format goes from 0 to ???, so you 
> may not gain much).
> b) if you have 1000 data events, 1 data word in each event. Overhead is crazy: many 
> words of event header, many words of bank header, etc. I would solve this storing
> all your events inside one single midas event (say, 1000 data events per 1 midas 
> event). Each data event can be stored in a midas bank (it is okey to have 1000 banks 
> named "AAAA"), or you use solution (a). The m-analyzer is especially suitable for 
> working with such "super events". In the unpacking module, AnalyzeEvent() would unpack 
> each data event into a FlowEvent, in all the other modules, your FlowEvent-encapsulated 
> data events will show up in the AnalyzeFlowEvent() method.
> Next time I work on the midasio library and the TMEvent class I should check that it 
> works with and that is usable with non-midas-bank data.
> K.O.


Yeah I had not yet really dove into the Event Structure documentation at the time that I 
wrote this email. The BANK format and I get along now. No problem there anymore.

Thanks for getting back to me sir.

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