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This system keeps track of TRIUMF Data Acquisition Group and Electronics Lab equipment. To learn more about the system, consult the help documentation. If you need a username and password, please contact Konstantin Olchanski.

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Items: 2748 total, 112 retired, 2181 non-retired
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Table Functions

1. Sorting
- Click on column header to sort by particular column (example: Type)
- Sorting will toggle between ascending and descending
- Multi-column sorting: Shift + click on a second column header to sort by second column

2. Inline Editing
- Click cell to edit value
- Press Enter while inside the cell to save the value
- Press Escape while inside the cell to cancel the edit

3. Searching
- Filters items by type name in real time

4. (Button) Click on Options to configure display settings


  • Drag and drop column names into "Displayed Columns" or "Hidden Columns" to configure table display
  • Select "Show Retired Items" if you would like to include items whose status is "retired"
  • (Button) "Save for Session" will temporarily save your settings for the duration of your session.
  • (Button) "Save for All Users" will persist settings in the database
  • (Button) "Cancel" will hide the options menu
  • (Button) "Restore Settings from DB will erase your session options.

5. (Button) Click on "Go to Old Table" to go to original inventory system