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The MUSR software package CAMP is used for the slow controls for the bnmr and bnqr experiments. The CAMP server runs on a MVME162 located in the VME crate. The CAMP system itself is accessed using the #CAMP User Interface (CUI). Using the CUI, the user can define instruments to be accessed by the DAQ system during the experiment.

CAMP Hostname

The CAMP Hostname is

  • for the bnmr experiment or
  • for bnqr experiment

The CAMP hostname is set in two places in the DAQ system :

  1. The environment variable CAMP_HOST
  2. In the ODB at Scanning/Camp/Settings/Server name


The CAMP system is used for three purposes in the BNMR/BNQR experiments:

CAMP User Interface

To access the CUI, in an xterm type "camp".

[bnmr@isdaq01 ~]camp

A display similar to Figure 1 will appear.

Figure 1 Example of CAMP User Interface

The camp command will use the default camp hostname defined by the environment variable CAMP_HOST ( in Figure 1). To access the Camp User Interface using a different camp host (temporarily), specify the camp hostname, e.g.

[bnmr@isdaq01 ~]camp -node polvw