BNMR: Edit-on-start parameters

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When the user starts a run, they are presented with a list of questions. These are called edit-on-start parameters.

A number of edit-on-start parameters have been defined for the bnmr and bnqr experiments. An example of the page displayed when a run is started is shown in Figure 1. The user edits the information as needed. Most of this information is saved in the data file for the run - see the data logging page for more details.

The other parameters that aren't saved in the MUD file are:

  • /Experiment/edit on start/Edit run number is set to false so the user cannot edit the run number, as bnmr and bnqr use a custom run numbering scheme.
  • /Experiment/edit on start/Write MUD file (for analysis) links to whether to write a MUD file for this run. This is almost always true.
  • /Experiment/edit on start/Write Midas file (for debug) links to whether to write a midas file for this run. This is almost always false.
Figure 1: edit-on-start parameters for BNMR