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DAQ/LADD cluster machines

  • ladd00 - old main server (2x120GB SSD, 2x6TB HDD ZFS)
  • daq00 - new main server: home directories, NIS master, httpd, elogs, ganglia, gonodeinfo, etc (2x2TB SSD ZFS storage)
  • daqstore - main storage server: home directories, data disk, network boot disk (/nfsroot), archives, etc (2x10TB ZFS, 2x6TB ZFS, 2x1TB SSD ZFS)
  • daqbackup - rsync backups of home directories, system disks, etc (uses zfs snapshots)
  • daqubuntu - ubuntu test machine
  • daqlabpc - centos-8 test machine, test machine for sata SSD/HDD (rackmounted in daq lab)
  • daqNN - see allocation of machines in the inventory database and in the nodeinfo reports, see active machines in ganglia reports
  • ladd10 - M11 - part of the minifgd system (stored, not in use)
  • exptape - (temporarily disassembled) isac2 cr#1 - experiment tape facility - SDLT, 8mm, 4mm, etc. (32-bit SL5)
  • armdaq01..04 - MityCAMAC interfaces
  • armdaq05 - francium pi
  • armdaq06 - rpi
  • armdaq07 - chronobox
  • armdaq08 - rpi (lmartin)

Services running on daq00/ladd00/daqstore

Status of migration from ladd00 and daqstore to daq00: services are running on ladd00 unless marked (daq00) and (daqstore).