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General information

The TRIUMF DAQ group is hosting SVN repositories for itself and other TRIUMF users and experiments on ladd00.triumf.ca, the main daq server machine. The SVN repositories are stored on a mirrored disk configuration and are backed up to the TRIUMF AMANDA backup storage system.

Access to the SVN repository is provided using Viewvc (web viewer), svn: access method (being phased out) and https: access methods.

Useful links

Newer versions of SVN

SL6 comes with svn 1.6 which is very old. Newer versions of SVN are available on daqshare:

  • svn 1.7.22 (matches CentOS7) - /daq/daqshare/olchansk/subversion/1.7.22/bin/svn
  • svn 1.8.14 (matches Ubuntu 15.x) - /daq/daqshare/olchansk/subversion/1.8.14/bin/svn

User instructions

Checkout from repository

For initial checkout, use username "svn", password "svn". For writing to the repository, the "svn commit" command will prompt for your username and password.

Setup the svn config file


Switch repository from svn: to https:

Make PDF files show as PDF files in viewvc

  • svn propset svn:mime-type application/pdf *.pdf

Convert CVS repository to SVN

  • tar xvf dragoncvs.tgz
  • svn co --username=guest --password="" http://cvs2svn.tigris.org/svn/cvs2svn/trunk cvs2svn-trunk
  • svnadmin create dragonsvn
  • ./cvs2svn-trunk/cvs2svn --existing-svnrepos --fallback-encoding utf_8 -s ./dragonsvn ./dragoncvs/cvsroot
  • become root@ladd00
  • cd /home/daqweb/svn
  • mv ~olchansk/daq/dragon/cvs/dragonsvn dragon
  • chown -R daqweb.mirror dragon
  • chmod -R g+w dragon
  • htpasswd ./dav_passwd dragon (add user dragon, set password)
  • xemacs -nw /etc/viewvc/viewvc.conf (add dragon)
  • xemacs -nw dav_accessfile (add group dragon, add access section for dragon)

SVN administration

Create an SVN repository called "vf48"

  • login as root@ladd00
  • cd /home/daqweb/svn
  • svnadmin create vf48
  • edit /etc/viewvc/viewcvs.conf, in "svn_roots", add "vf48: /home/daqweb/svn/vf48," (notice the trailing comma!), go to "http://ladd00.triumf.ca/viewcvs", you should see the "vf48" repository, it should be empty.
  • chown -R daqweb.mirror vf48
  • chmod -R u+wr,g+wr vf48

Enable svn: access (DO NOT DO THIS)

  • cd vf48/conf
  • edit "passwd", add users and their passwords (swear at the svn authors: passwords are entered in clear text)
  • edit "svnserve.conf", uncomment "[general]", "anon-access = read" and "passwd-db = passwd". Uncomment the line "realm = " and make it read "realm = VF48 SVN repository"
  • chmod a-r,u+r passwd
  • repository is now ready for use.

Enable https: access, add new SVN users

  • login as root@ladd00
  • cd /home/daqweb/svn
  • add new repository to dav_accessfile: create new groups and usernames as needed. User "svn" (password "svn") should have read-only access
  • add new users to dav_passwd using the htpasswd utility: htpasswd dav_passwd username (will prompt for password)
  • file dav_group is not used

To add a new user to an existing repository and existing group, simply do

htpasswd dav_passwd <newusername>
then edit dav_accessfile to add new user to existing group.

Convert plain directory to SVN

Import stuff into the "trunk"

Import VF48 firmware into the "vendor" branch