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DAQ machines

  • isdaq00: main file server (NIS, home directories, central services, etc - see below)
  • isdaq01: main daq server for running ISAC low-energy experiments (BNMR/BNQR/POL/etc)
  • isdaq02: GPS PCI CAMAC DAQ
  • isdaq03: DRAGON terminal
  • isdaq04: POL terminal
  • isdaq05: GRIFFIN terminal
  • isdaq06: SL6 test machine, ISAC low-energy secondary DAQ server
  • isdaq07: DRAGON terminal
  • isdaq08: GRIFFIN terminal
  • trinatdaq: TRINAT DAQ server
  • smaug: DRAGON DAQ server (MacOS)
  • lxdragon01: DRAGON VME DAQ (head)
  • lxdragon02: DRAGON VME DAQ (tail)
  • lxtrinat: TRINAT VME DAQ
  • lxpol: POL VME DAQ
  • lxbnmr: BNMR VME DAQ
  • lxbnqr: BNQR VME DAQ
  • bnmrvw: BNMR CAMP (vxworks)
  • polvw: BNQR CAMP (vxworks)
  • isysfe: ISAC1 Yield station MIDAS DAQ (Peter Kunz)
  • midemma01: EMMA DAQ
  • midemma02: EMMA terminal
  • lxemma01: EMMA VME CPU
  • iris00: IRIS DAQ
  • lxiris01, lxiris02: IRIS VME CPU
  • iris01, iris02: IRIS analysis

ISDAQ00 services

  • NIS master (ISAC-NIS)
  • home directories (for dragon)
  • DHCP, TFTP and NFS for OS images of ISAC V7648/V7750 VME CPUs (lxEXPT machines)
  • web server:
  • nodeinfo for ISAC machines
  • PHP and MySQL (actually mariaDB) for dragon web display. Here's critical setup info:
yum install  php-devel php-gd php-pecl-memcache php-pspell php-snmp php-xmlrpc php-xml
yum install mariadb-server
systemctl enable mariadb
[root@isdaq00 ~]# mysql -u dragonuser -D dragon -h localhost -p
MariaDB [dragon]> show grants;
| Grants for dragonuser@localhost                                                                                                                                 |
| GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, ALTER ON *.* TO 'dragonuser'@'localhost'  |

More details about account here: ~dragon/MYSQL_SETUP.txt

NIS configuration

  • domainname ISAC-NIS
  • master: isdaq00
  • autofs/automount configuration: isdaq00:/etc files auto.master, auto.home, auto.local
  • after editing NIS files, run: make -C /var/yp
  • on all NIS clients, there is a script running from /etc/cron.hourly to update the local NIS maps
  • if you do not want to wait 1 hour for the NIS maps to update, login there and run this script manually.

NFS configuration

  • /isdaq/dataNNN - shared data disks
  • /musr/xxx - BNMR/BNQR data disks
  • /iris/xxx/iris - IRIS data disks
  • /emma/xxx/emma - EMMA data disks