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Raspbian OS



  • buster is debian 10
  • bullseye is debian 11


  • boot from SD flash, follow stock documention:
    • unzip 2021-10-30-raspios-bullseye-armhf-lite.zip into a .img
    • dd of=/dev/sda if=2021-10-30-raspios-bullseye-armhf-lite.img bs=1024k status=progress
    • boot from flash
    • user pi password raspberry
    • run rasp[i-config to enable US locale and US keyboard
    • ifconfig -a to capture mac address, enter into dhcp, plug ethernet cable
    • apt update; apt upgrade
    • passwd pi change default password
    • systemctl enable ssh; systemctl start ssh
    • login remotely, run the ubuntu (debian 11) installation checklist
  • boot from network
    • TBD

"lite" image enable graphics

apt -y install mate-desktop mate-core mate-themes mate-desktop-environment mate-applets --fix-missing
apt -y install lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter
systemctl enable lightdm
systemctl start lightdm

"lite" image missing packages

apt -y install git emacs lm-sensors # system
apt -y install cmake libcurl4-openssl-dev mariadb-client libmariadb-dev libsqlite3-dev # midas
apt -y install chromium-browser # arm version of google-chrome