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The following is a list of virtual machines provided by the Core Computing group which are used by the DAQ group or by related experimental groups. Many of them are for elog instances.

VM machine name Other names Group VLAN Purpose Status
midastestdaq DAQ 1 Has example MIDAS installation (part of documentation) Currently broken
trdata05 DAQ 1 Provides ~10TB of storage for the DAQ dcache instance.
ucmsrv0-vm.triumf.ca ucnelog UCN 1 Providing UCN elog
ucnbackup.triumf.ca UCN 68 Provides 2TB of storage for raw data backup
ktmserver.triumf.ca UCN 1 Provides readout and online display for the 1VM4 notch monitor (beamline 1V)
exoelog.triumf.ca EXO 1 Provides elog for EXO tests not really used
scdms-srv0.triumf.ca SuperCDMS 1 Testbed for CDMS development on Centos-7; also provides elog.
mpmtelog.triumf.ca T2K 1 Provides elog for mPMT development
m11elog.triumf.ca M11 1 Provides elog for M11 beamline
nd280elog-vm T2K 1 Provides elog for ND280
nd280webservice-vm T2K 1 Provides various elog services
neut00-vm.triumf.ca T2K 1 Provides T2KGSC mirror, web & db server
trbsddb-vm.triumf.ca T2K 1 Provides BSD MySQL Database server
t2kcaldb.triumf.ca T2K 1 Provides MySQL database for ND280 calibration
t2kcaldb-backup.triumf.ca T2K 1 Provides MySQL endpoint for calibration database
nd280gsc-backup.triumf.ca T2K 1 Provides MySQL endpoint for GSC database
t2k-fdg-hwdb.triumf.ca T2K 1 Hosts the FGD hardware database and webserver