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* Martin - malcorta
* Martin - malcorta
* Nicholas Esker - neesker
* Nicholas Esker - neesker
* Konstantin - olchansk
* Konstantin - olchansk (daq group)
* Thomas - lindner (daq group)
=== Other info ===
=== Other info ===

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Information on EMMA DAQ

General info

EMMA DAQ computers

  • midemma01 - main daq computer
  • lxemma01 -EMMA VME processor
  • daq03 - terminal computer on the platform

DAQ instructions

To start the DAQ:

  • login emma@midemma01
  • run "mhttpd -D"
  • open web page https://midemma01.triumf.ca
  • go to the Programs page, start all programs in order
  • go to the Status page, start a run, stop a run

To start the analyzer:

  • login emma@midemma01
  • cd online/ana
  • run ./emmana.exe -g -R8081
  • if a run is active, watch the histograms update every 15 seconds on the canvases
  • open web page: https://midemma01.triumf.ca/rootana/ (tailing slash is important!), watch the histograms on the web, click "monitoring" to enable periodic update.
  • to rebuild the analyzer, edit emma_module.cxx, then run "make". Use "make clean" to remove old object files, etc. Commit changes using "git commit ."


If the DAQ crashes here are some suggested diagnostics checks:

  • Check connection to feemma (VME crate): Type "ping lxemma01". If it does not respond then power cycle the VME crate at the focal plane.
  • Check the status of the mlogger program: Sometimes an interrupted connection can cause problems with the mlogger program, which will result in being unable to restart a new run. Type "ps aux | grep mlogger". If multiple mlogger programs are running then midemma01 will need to be restarted. You must perform a hard restart by holding down the power button.
  • Once both midemma01 and the VME crate are back up and running, follow the DAQ restart instructions listed above or type "start_daq.sh" in terminal.


  • Barry - davids
  • Matt - mwilliams
  • Martin - malcorta
  • Nicholas Esker - neesker
  • Konstantin - olchansk (daq group)
  • Thomas - lindner (daq group)

Other info

  • main account: emma@ISAC-NIS (physically on isdaq00)
  • data directory: /home/emma/Experiments (physically on isdaq01)

online analyzer can be invoked from any directory using emmana.exe .