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Edit-on-sequence parameters will be displayed for edit when a new Sequence is started (similar to the Edit-on-start Parameters that appear when a run is started). Edit-on-sequence parameters may be defined in the /Experiment ODB tree in an optional Edit on Sequence subdirectory in the same way that Edit-on-start Parameters are defined in the Edit on Start subdirectory.

A sequence can only be run from the mhttpd Sequencer Page (not from odbedit). Edit-on-sequence parameters are displayed (Figure 1) when the Start Script button is pressed.

Creating edit-on-sequence parameters

Create the subdirectory edit on sequence in the /Experiment ODB tree and fill it with the required parameters in the same way as described for creating edit-on-start parameters


An example of edit-on-sequence parameters defined in the /Experiment/edit on sequence ODB subtree are shown below using odbedit. Edit-on-sequence parameters can be linked to Parameter comments in the same way as edit-on-start parameter comments.

The defined edit-on-sequence parameters are displayed for editing in Figure 1 below.

[local:midas:S]/>ls -lrt /experiment
Key name                        Type    #Val  Size  Last Opn Mode Value
Experiment                      DIR
   Name                        STRING  1     32    7s   0   RWD  midas
  Parameter Comments          DIR                   
       field                           STRING  1     32    >99d 0   RWD  Entered in Tesla unit
       Num cycles                      STRING  1     80    >99d 0   RWD  Stop run after num cycles is reached.   Enter 0 to disable (free running)
   Run Parameters              DIR
       Comment                         STRING  1     80    2h   0   RWD  Testing with low beam
       Run Description                 STRING  1     256   7h   0   RWD  Sequencer Tests
       Number of channels              DWORD   1     4     2h   0   RWD  20
   Lock when running           DIR
       Num channels -> /Run Parameters/number of channels
                                       DWORD   1     4     2h   0   RWD  20
   edit on sequence            DIR
       title                           STRING  1     128   2h   0   RWD  none
       experiment number               DWORD   1     4     2h   0   RWD  9438
       experimenter                    STRING  1     32    2h   0   RWD  gls
       sample                          STRING  1     36    2h   0   RWD  NA
       run description -> /Experiment/run parameters/run description
                                       STRING  1     256   7h   0   RWD  Sequencer Tests
       Write Data -> /Logger/Write data
                                       BOOL    1     4     2h   0   RWD  n
       Number of cycles -> /Equipment/FIFO_acq/frontend/hardware/num cycles
                                       DWORD   1     4     2h   0   RWD  0


Figure 1: Example of edit-on-sequence parameters