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hvEdit is a High Voltage editor and GUI (graphical user interface) to the MIDAS Slow Control System.


hvEdit is based on the original hvedit for Windows written in Visual C++ from Stefan Ritt. It was ported to linux by Andreas Suter and is written in C++ using the MIDAS libraries and the Qt libraries from trolltech. It is included in the MIDAS package at $MIDASSYS/gui/hvedit/qt-3.3/hvEdit for linux (windows version at $MIDASSYS/gui/hvedit/windows).


On linux, follow the instructions in $MIDASSYS/gui/hvedit/qt-3.3/hvEdit/README and INSTALL.


Documentation is provided in the $MIDASSYS/gui/hvedit/qt-3.3/hvEdit/doc directory.


hvEdit uses the Event Notification (Hot-Link) feature of MIDAS. It is linked to the Online Database (ODB), i.e. all values changed in hvEdit are transmitted to the ODB. The corresponding high voltage driver then sets the desired values. hvEdit can be started several times and on different computers. Since they are all linked to the same ODB arrays, the demand and measured values are consistent among them at any time.

Once installed and built, hvEdit is started from the command line:

 > hvEdit


 [-h hostname ] : host name
 [-e exptname ] : experiment name
 [-D ] : start program as a daemon
 [--help] :print help