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Often it is desirable that various experimental ODB parameters should not to be changed when a run is in progress, i.e. that they are set to a "read-only" mode while running. This can be done by creating logical links to these ODB keys in the optional subtree Lock when Running in the /Experiment ODB tree.

In the odbedit example below, all the parameters under the declared subtree will be switched to read-only, thus preventing any modification of these parameters during the run.

 [local]/>create key "/Experiment/Lock when running"
 [local]/>cd "/Experiment/Lock when running"
 [local]/>ln "/Experiment/Run parameters" "Run parameter"
 [local]/>ln "/Logger/Write Data" "Write Data?"

In the following example, the user attempts to change one of the read-only parameters:

[local:bnmr:R]/>set "/Logger/Write Data" y
Write access not allowed